3D Hand and Foot Casting: what is it?

3D body casting is the art of creating an exact replica of a part of your body, be it hands, feet, face, lips, torso, or even bottom!  The body part is covered in a high grade alginate (like a thick gloop) and removed once it has set (this is totally safe and can be done quickly for babies and toddlers).  The mould is then taken and filled with the desired material (casting stone, cold cast bronze, or aluminium).  Once the cast has set, the alginate is removed to reveal a highly detailed replica.  The alginate will even pick up fine detail, such as finger nails, creases and ‘swirls’ on the skin.

Here at Captured Keepsakes we pride ourselves on the quality and finish of ours casts.  We have been body casting since 2009 and have a wealth of experience casting newborns, toddlers, couples, families, baby bumps, pet paws and more.  Your cast can be finished to your specific requirements and presented in several ways, such as a freestanding piece, framed, or hung directly onto a wall. 

We are proud members of The Association of Lifecasters International.

Appointments can take place either at our home studio in Ryton, or in the comfort of your own home (note – a small additional charge is applied to cover travel).  For further information, or to book an appointment, please contact me either by phone on 07920 026 661, or email sarah@capturedkeepsakes.co.uk.

A stunning way to capture your child’s gorgeous little hand and feet to treasure forever.  


Our gorgeous 3D Hand and Foot Castings create an exact replica of your child’s hand and feet.  To create these, your child’s hand or foot is placed in a beaker of alginate (similar to how a dentist would take a mould of your mouth).  The alginate is totally safe for babies and the process takes less than a minute to complete.  Once we have the mould, we then finish it in our workshop, by casting with a strong casting plaster, de-moulding, cleaning and finishing with your choice of colour (such as white, silver, bronze effect).  The 3D Hand and Foot Castings can be presented either framed, or freestanding.  

We have a range of classic frames, available in black, white and wood as well as a luxury hardwood collection available in white, silver, black, oak, natural wood, or dark chocolate.  All frames come with your choice of mount colour.  

 We are now working with The Northumberland Studio, based at Wheelbirks in Northumberland, to create a casting and photography package.  If you would like a professional photograph taken of your child, to sit alongside their framed casts, this can be added for an additional £25.

 Appointments can be made either at our studio (photographs will be taken at The Northumberland Studio), or casts can be taken in the comfort of your own home (this will incur a small additional charge).

3D Hand and Foot Casting – The Process

Appointments can be arranged for 3D hand and foot castings at our home studio.  However, clients usually prefer the castings to be carried out in their own home, especially if casting young babies (depending on location this can attract an additional fee). An alginate mould is taken of each hand / foot to be cast.  The moulds are then taken to our studio to create your finished pieces.


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