Outprints / 2D Casting

Outprints/2D Casting are a beautiful way of capturing your child’s little hands and feet to treasure forever.  They are created using a special, soft baby imprint clay, into which your little one’s hands and feet are pressed.  This is then taken to the studio to be filled with strong casting plaster, sanded and given your chosen finish (choice or finishing includes white, silver, natural, gold, or bronze).  Your outprint can then be displayed in either a frame, or as a wall hanging, adding a personal touch to your home.

We have a range of classic frames, available in black, white and wood as well as a luxury hardwood collection available in white, silver, black, oak, natural wood, or dark chocolate.  All frames come with your choice of mount colour.   

Appointments can be made either at our studio in Prudhoe, Northumberland or casts can be taken in the comfort of your own home (this will incur a small additional charge).


Please get in touch if you have any further questions or if you’d like more information.

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