Hand, Footprint and Paw Print Jewellery

How do we do it?

Our hand, foot and paw print jewellery is created using prints of your loved one’s hands or feet.  We can even make these with paw prints.  When you order your jewellery from our shop, you will be sent an inkless wipe kit in the post.  This contains everything you need to take your print and full instructions are included.  It’s a really simple process of using a dry wipe on the hand / foot / paw and then pressing them down on the special papers.  Your hand / foot pawprint will magically appear.  Just pop the print into the self addressed envelope included, or scan to sarah@capturedkeepsakes.co.uk and wait for the magic to happen!  Your finished jewellery will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks after receiving the print.

Unlike most other companies offering this service, all of our keepsake jewellery is created in Sterling Silver.  This has a higher copper content than pure silver (which is a very soft metal) and is more durable and less likely to suffer from knocks and scrapes than fine (pure) silver.


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