Fingerprint Disc Standard Size



If you’re looking for fingerprint jewellery with a modern feel then you’re in the right place! This fabulous pendant will be as individual as your loved one and feature their actual fingerprint transformed into a unique pattern. Each necklace is handcrafted in my Northumberland studio using recycled sterling silver and features a beautifully tactile deep engraved design. You also have the option to add a name to the back of your pendant for a truly personal touch.

Taking the print is easy to do at home. All you’ll need is a soft pencil, a white piece of paper and some sticky tape. Once you have your print simply take a clear photograph and upload it using the PRINT UPLOADER. Fancy taking a look at how how it’s done? CLICK HERE

Once I receive your print I take an interesting part of it and increase the size to create your very own unique design, meaning no two pendants are ever the same!

  • Material – Recycled Sterling Silver
  • Size – Pendant approx 16mm (diameter) x 2mm (thickness)
  • Chain – Choose from 16″, 18″, 20″ spiga chain
  • Packaging – Free gift box and bag

FREE UK (mainland) DELIVERY!


Taking your fingerprint at home is quick and easy.

You will need a piece of plain white paper, sticky tape and a soft pencil (note a regular hard pencil will not work properly).


Use the pencil to shade a square on the piece of paper roughly 1 inch square (the size doesn’t really matter, but this is a guide). Shade in one direction, then turn the paper around and shade in the other direction to create a crosshatch covering.


Choose the finger you’d like to take the print from and rub it all over the shaded square on the paper. Make sure to cover the tip, sides and that the finger is covered down to the first crease.


Take a piece of sticky tape and place it sticky side up on a flat surface. Holding the tape in place with your other hand open up your hand so that all fingers are flat and lightly place your finger on the tape. Do not press down as this will smudge the print.


Remove the tape from your finger, turn it around and place it sticky side down on the paper, smoothing it down.


Check your print. The lines should be dark, clear and defined. If your print is smudged or unsuitable, simply repeat the process until you are happy with your print. Note, if you have dry skin, lightly moisturising your fingertip before taking the print can help achieve a better quality print.

Once you are happy with your print, simply take a clear close up photograph and upload it either at the time ordering, or after ordering using our PRINT UPLOADER.

If you would like any assistance with taking your prints please contact me (Sarah) on 01661 598532 and I can talk you through the process. Alternatively, you can arrange a virtual appointment and have me take the prints with you over a video call.




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Stunning modern disc necklace featuring your loved one’s fingerprint as a unique pattern.

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